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Pointy, lightweight and well balanced.
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The Metal Arrow is a Weapon ammunition type in Raft.


The Metal Arrow is the second and currently best available projectile for the Basic Bow, superseding the Stone Arrow. Each craft of Metal Arrow yields six arrows matching the amount of Feathers used.

The arrow deals fifteen Health (twelve in hard mode) of damage making it the highest available damage dealt by a single hit; a feat it shares with the Machete. As is the case for Stone Arrows, Metal Arrows can be picked up after it has been fired as long as the player can get to the arrow. Looting a slain enemy will also retrieve any arrows still attached to its body.

Using Metal Arrows may be expensive in Metal Ingots, so it is advised to use them on targets that are easily killed and looted. Fired arrows will despawn after a short period, so it is advised to pick them up as soon as possible. Picking up arrows from enemies that are still alive and attacking is also an option, if the player has the mechanical skill level to dodge the attacks.


  • Second available projectile for the Basic Bow.


Early Access
Update 7 Metal Arrow added to the game.