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Materials are raw and processed Items in the Raft.


There are a variety of Materials available in Raft that can be used to create Tools and Structures, as well as prepare and cook Sustenance.

List of Materials[]

Item Description Obtained from
Plank.png Plank A simple plank. Trees, Barrels, or Flotsam.
Plastic.png Plastic Yep. It's plastic. Barrels or Flotsam.
Palm Leaf.png Palm Leaf Could be useful, maybe for making ropes? Trees, Barrels, or Flotsam.
Stone.png Stone Heavy... Underwater, around islands, or Barrels.
Scrap.png Scrap Some old parts from... Something? Underwater, around islands, or Barrels.
Metal Ore.png Metal Ore Can be smelted into something better. Underwater or around islands.
Metal Ingot.png Metal Ingot It's shiny. Smelting Metal Ore.
Copper.png Copper Can be smelted into a Copper Ingot. Underwater or around islands.
Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot Commonly used for electrical machines. Smelting Copper.
Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore Can be smelted into titanium ingot Treasure Hunting with the Metal Detector.
Titanium Ingot.png Titanium Ingot It's sooo heavy. Smelting Titanium Ore.
Clay.png Clay Plain old clay. Underwater or around islands.
Dry Brick.png Dry Brick A dry brick. Not very exciting in itself. Drying Wet Bricks.
Sand.png Sand Apparently turns into glass when smelted. Underwater or around islands.
Glass.png Glass It's transparent. Smelting Sand.
Dirt.png Dirt Looks dirty. Inside caves on large islands.
Seaweed.png Seaweed Can be put into a smelter to turn into goo. Underwater or around islands.
Vine Goo.png Vine Goo A bit like glue. Smelting Seaweed.
Giant Clam.png Giant Clam A big clam. Underwater, around islands.
Explosive Goo.png Explosive Goo Can be dried in a smelter. Poison-Puffers.
Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder Handle with care. Smelting Explosive Goo.
Feather.png Feather It's from a bird. Seagulls, Bird's Nests, and Screechers.
Leather.png Leather Tanned hide. Bears, Warthogs, and Treasure Hunting.
Wool.png Wool Wow... it's sooo soft. Shearing Llamas.
Honeycomb.png Honeycomb Can be used to create honey jars. Beehives or Natural Beehives.
Bee Jar.png Bee Jar Bzz! Bzz! Catching Bee Swarms.