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The Mango Tree is an Environment object in Raft.


A Mango Tree

Mango Trees can be found on both Small and Large Islands. When chopped down with an Axe, it will drop three Planks, two Palm Leaves, and a Mango. There's a small chance of receiving extra Mangos or even Mango Seeds when chopping down a Mango Tree. Mango Seeds can be planted in Large Crop Plots to grow Mango Trees on the raft. After watering, it takes the Mango Seed 10 minutes to grow into a full size tree.

A Mango Tree is felled in five chops. Every chop is predetermined as to what it yields, except for Mangos and Mango Seeds which have a 14.3% chance of dropping from every chop. Chopping down a Mango Tree entirely yields an average of 0.715 seeds, with a 53.8% chance of yielding at least one seed.

Seed Drop Rate[]

Chances of getting seeds after chopping the whole tree down.

# of Seeds Chance of Getting Exactly That Many Seeds Chance of Getting At Least That Many Seeds
0 46.23% 100%
1 38.57% 53.77%
2 12.87% 15.20%
3 2.15% 2.33%
4 0.179% 0.185%
5 0.00598% 0.00598%

Chop Yields[]

Chop 1: Palm Leaf.png x1
Chop 2: Plank.png x1
Chop 3: Mango.png x1
Chop 4: Palm Leaf.png x1
Chop 5: Plank.png x2