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Beutekiste[edit | edit source]

Loot Box is an Environmental object in Raft.

The Loot Box is a container found on Vacated Rafts, Abandoned Huts, and other hidden locations under and above water. There are four different types of Loot Boxes with different loot, three of which resemble the Small Storage and the regular Storage respectively. When interacted with, the player will receive a randomized amount of loot between 4-9. Loot Boxes also have a chance of containing a cooking Recipe.

Following are the Materials they may contain, although there seems to be a difference between the two types of Loot Boxes:

Recipe Drops[edit | edit source]

In the current version of the game as of writing (Update 11), there are mainly two loot boxes which can always be found by searching for Vacated Rafts or Abandoned Huts on Islands. The other two types of Loot Boxes are found on Vasagatan and Balboa Island, respectively, and do not currently respawn[1]. The Recipes dropped fall under two categories. We will refer to the first as the common category, and are the Recipes that can be looted from all regular Loot Boxes found repeatedly in the world of Raft. The second category is the rare category, whose Recipes are only dropped from special, non-respawning Loot Boxes on Balboa Island and Vasagatan.

Developer Semih Parlayan has stated that this is not intended, and that they will address the issue in a future update of Raft.

Common Loot Boxes[edit | edit source]

The common Loot Boxes drop the following Recipes:

Rare Loot Boxes[edit | edit source]

The rare Loot Boxes drop the following Recipes:

  • Zelayda (Community Manager), 2020