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Indicates player health points.

Health is a value that determines an entities well-being in Raft.


Most living entities in Raft, be it Hostile Animals, Livestock or even the player, are assigned a specific health value. When this value is lowered to 0, the entity is killed or Incapacitated.


The player has a maximum health value of 100. When attacked by an enemy, the amount of damage is subtracted from the current health value of the player. Incoming damage can be reduced by wearing Leather Armor. Apart from taking damage from enemies, the player may also lose health from Drowning, Falling and starving/thirsting. Following table shows damage caused by these:

Type Damage
Drowning 3.5 damage/second
Starving 0.75 damage/second
Thirsting 0.75 damage/second
Falling Maximum of 50 damage
Well-being[1] 0.25 damage/second
  1. Well-being is when the player is at 100 health, and is weighed out by the natural health regeneration mentioned below.

At all times, the player regenerates 0.25 health per second. As such, it takes 396 seconds, or 6.6 minutes, to reach maximum health from 1 health.


All Animals have a health value assigned to them, which vary depending on their individual strength. To see these values, head over to the Animals-page. Unlike the player, animals do not regenerate health once damage. As a result, the player can gain an advantage by disengaging battle to regain health or stock up on ammunition.

Community Discourse[]

The Raft Wiki has taken the stance that the actual in-game values should be used on the Wiki, as these are also what the Developers use when reporting on game updates.

Historically, when health and damage is discussed on the official Raft Discord channel and other platforms, players use amounts of hits as a measurement for health. Killing a Seagull on normal mode requires two hits with a Wooden Spear, which resulted in the community labeling the Seagull as having 2 HP. Likewise, weapon-damage was reduced to the lowest common denominator: the Wooden Spear was labelled as dealing 1 damage, the Metal Spear 2 damage, and the Machete 3 damage. In reality, these weapons deal 5, 10, and 15 damage respectively, while the Seagull has 10 HP.


Early Access
Update 9.02 Starve: Increased time to 10 minutes from the previous 8 minutes.
Update 1 Health added to the game.