Half Thatch Window.png Half Thatch Window
Provides support for additional floors.
Requires:Plank (1), Palm Leaf (1)

The Half Thatch Window is a Structure in Raft.


The Half Thatch Window is a structure that allows the player to see through, while simultaneously supporting upper Floors. Destroying it regains the same resources used to build it, effectively making it a free support item when testing builds. Despite being very open, Animals cannot go through the opening leaving the option of using the Half Thatch Window as a see-through wall for the pen.

Visually, the Half Thatch Window replaces the Half Wooden Window's planks with sticks, making it feel more open. Interestingly enough, it uses a single Palm Leaf despite visually not using any.


  • The Half Thatch Window is simply a Half Thatch Wall with a window. Using the Half Thatch Window instead of the wall can help to make the raft feel less claustrophobic.
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