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Grass Plot.png Grass Plot
Add water, get grass, feed animals.
Food & Water

Grass Plot is a Food/Water item in Raft.


Placed on the raft to feed Livestock. After being placed, the plot needs to be watered with Fresh Water. After 5 minutes, the grass is fully grown and ready to be consumed. Once the grass has been eaten, the plot must be watered again.

Livestock become hungry every 8 minutes, which means a single Grass Plot is enough to keep one animal well fed, as long as the plot is watered within 3 minutes of being eaten.

The watering process can be partially automated with a Sprinkler. A Grass Plot can also be watered by rainfall if placed under open sky.


  • Feeds Livestock.


Early Access
Update 9 Grass Plot added to the game.
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