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This page contains unconfirmed information and does not follow the Wiki standard. However, it is still a good contribution to the community driven Wiki and we would love to see the information confirmed and the styling patched up. If you wrote this page, please contact either Oppaikun or Deltaflyer so we can help you out. -- Tolle44 (talk) 09:39, 9 March 2020 (UTC)

1 This is work in progress[edit | edit source]

  • I'm not 100% sure this information is correct. Please correct me, if I'm wrong! (also, it seems I'm too stupid for the formatting of this wiki, so please help :D)

2 Disclaimer: I used mods to create the images, but they do not change anything about how the game works[edit | edit source]

you can find out more about mods at

3 Wind direction never changes. This means the "streamer" always points to the same cardinal direction! (from now on I call it north)[edit | edit source]

  • 1"F" will be 1 "foundation width" from now on.
  • The red marker shows the center of the initial 2x2 foundations you started on.
  • trash spawns around the center of your initial 2x2 foundations, with a radius of 14F (image 1). †
  • Nets can pick up at most 10 items (including barrels) †
  • On the first image, you see trash spawning 14F to the left and 14F to the right of the "center".
image 1
  • The shape of your raft does not change the spawn pattern of flotsam. (image 2) †
image 2

4 changing direction[edit | edit source]

  • If you build a sail, you can control the direction of your raft (at least a little bit).
  • You will always go north. You can steer to the northeast, or the northwest, but without motors, you will allways drift north.
  • In Image 3 you see a raft heading in the north direction, but with a sail to the west. The resulting direction is northwest!
image 3

5 Don't worry![edit | edit source]

  • The world loops around! †
  • Problem: Real world example: You want to go from south Africa to Australia, but the wind only blows from east to west?
  • Solution: Just sail to the west, until you pass south america and the south pacific. You will reach Australia eventually!
  • If you miss your target and you think you can never reach it with your sail... just loop around the "raft planet" and try to hit it on the second "circumnavigation"!

† Confirmed information.

Importance of Raft Center[edit | edit source]

  • The original center of the player's raft is an important factor for a number of things: islands spawning and flotsam spawn (see above).
  • Regardless of how big the raft is, islands will always spawn a specified distance away from the original raft center. This also means building bigger raft does not affect how fast islands spawn into the the world.
  • Since the player doesn't affect when entities are spawned into the raft world, exploring while swimming or using mods becomes very ineffective, as islands will only spawn within range of the raft.