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Useful for transporting biofuel between different machines.
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The Fuel Pipe is an item classified as Other in Raft.


The Fuel Pipe is researched through the Blueprint: Fuel Pipe, which is found on Balboa Island. Two Fuel Pipes are made every time the item is crafted. The Fuel Pipe operates in cubes; building three units up in the air will require three Fuel Pipes, while building a Fuel Pipe four foundations long equally requires four Fuel Pipes. Other items can be built inside the same cube as the Fuel Pipe, but the items may not overlap.

The Fuel Pipe is used to move fuel from Biofuel Tanks to machines that accept it. Much like the Sprinkler, fuel is moved in cycles. With intervals the game will check if the machines can contain more fuel, and if so, it is moved from the tank to the internal reservoir of the machine. Currently, the only devices that accept Biofuel are the Engines and the Battery Charger. With regards to Engines, Using a Biofuel Tank and Pipe system is advisable, as a single Biofuel container holds more fuel than there can be in an Engine, effectively wasting a little bit of fuel if it is poured directly into the Engine. Putting Biofuel into a tank and then moving it through Fuel Pipes makes use of all the Biofuel.

It is important to note that the pipes have no sort of pressure system, meaning that no matter the length or complexity of the pipeline system built, all machines connected to it will always be filled completely with biofuel as long as there's enough available in the tank.

Pipes cannot be placed over simple collection net tiles.


  • Place on the raft to connect Biofuel Tanks and machines.


Early Access
Update 12 Pipe got renamed to Fuel Pipe.
Update 10 Pipe added to the game.