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Flotsam is a category of loot in Raft.


Flotsam, also called ocean debris, is Materials that can be found floating in the ocean. It can be collected by hand, with a Plastic or Scrap Hook, or caught with a Collection Net. These resources only spawn while the Raft is moving, and only do so in the vicinity of the Raft's trajectory. A Sail can be helpful to move the Raft toward important pieces of flotsam, or to temporarily slow the raft to collect cargo by hand. Flotsam can be used as a guiding system for the direction the raft is sailing. This is especially useful when trying to dock next to a nearby island; if the Flotsam is spawning in the same direction the player wishes to go, the trajectory is good. If the majority of the Flotsam is spawning outside the trajectory, the player must rotate the direction of the sail.

Following items are flotsam:


  • Can picked up to receive the portrayed Material.


Early Access
Update 1 Flotsam added to the game.


Tips and Tricks[]

  • Flotsam spawns in an area 32.5 foundations wide centered on the raft, so building a line of collection nets 33 units wide will collect all possible flotsam.