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The Evergreen Biome is an Environmental location in Raft.


The Evergreen Biome consists of islands located near Balboa Island and Varuna point. They are found around Balboa Island, which itself is also within the Evergreen Biome, and will appear on the Receiver. Islands within the biome stand out by having lots of trees in different colors and sizes, as well as fellable Pine Trees and Birch Trees. All non-Balboa islands also house a single Bear. Besides Bears, there are Bee Swarms on the islands, typically buzzing around the Natural Beehives that can also be found on the island.

One island typically has four to six Natural Beehives, with four to five Bee Swarms nearby. A single domesticable Animal can be found on each island. The water surrounding the island only contains Scrap, but is a good source since the player doesn't have to filter through which items they need.

When it comes to Metal Detecting, the islands act as Large Tropical Islands, which means either two or three treasures can be found per island. However, the generic islands within the Evergreen Biome are typically smaller, which makes finding treasure faster and more effective in comparison to Tropical Biome islands.


Early Access
Update 10 Evergreen Biome was added to the game.