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Equipment is the fifth section in Crafting Menu.

Equipment Types

Equipment items are worn in their respective equipment slots. The player can only wear one piece of equipment per item slot.

Buildable equipment

All buildable equipment have beneficial effects and are available in the Crafting Menu.

Item Description Required Materials
Oxygen Bottle.png Oxygen Bottle Provides extra oxygen underwater. 8x Plastic.png , 1x Empty Bottle.png , 4x Rope.png , 5x Vine Goo.png
Backpack.png Backpack Aside from being beautiful it expands your inventory. 4x Leather.png , 4x Rope.png , 6x Wool.png
Flippers.png Flippers Increase your speed underwater. 6x Plastic.png , 6x Seaweed.png , 5x Vine Goo.png , 4x Rope.png
HeadLight.png Head Light Useful when exploring dark places. 1x Battery.png , 2x Rope.png , 2x Scrap.png
Leather Helmet.png Leather Helmet Protects your precious brain. 4x Leather.png , 2x Wool.png
Leather Body Armor.png Leather Body Armor Protects your upper body. 8x Leather.png , 4x Wool.png
Leather Greaves.png Leather Greaves Reduces wood splinters. 5x Leather.png , 3x Wool.png
Zipline Tool.png Zipline Tool Equipping it allows you to ride on ziplines. 15x Plastic.png , 5x Scrap.png , 1x Hinge.png , 1x Bolt.png

Cosmetic equipment

No beneficial effects are gained from wearing cosmetic items.

Item Description
Shark Head.png Shark Head Where did the rest of the shark go?
Warthog Head.png Warthog Head Looks good on a trophy board.
Screecher Head.png Screecher Head To remember it by.
White Screecher Head.png White Screecher Head A subspecies of Screechers.
Poison-Puffer Head.png Poison-Puffer Head Just a Poison-puffer head.
Bear Head.png Bear Head Looks good on a trophy board.
Mayor Hat.png Mayor Hat Belonged to the mayor of Caravan Town.
Mama Bear Head.png Mama Bear Head She was tough, but not immortal!
Captains Hat.png Captain's Hat Once belonged to a great captain.
Pilot Helmet.png Pilot Helmet An old but fancy pilot helmet.
Tiki Mask.png Tiki Mask Mysterious wooden mask.
Dev Hat.png Dev Hat -
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