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Environment covers static structures or objects, and places in Raft.


Environments consists of specific locations, structures, and objects that can be found in various places. Most Environmental objects or locations have a bearing on either the game's Story, gameplay, or Achievements.

Environment Description Type
Abandoned Huts Dilapidated structures found on Islands, on ground or underwater. Structure
Abandoned Ship Wrecked ship located on Shipwreck Island. Structure
Acid Pool Structural obstacle on Balboa Island. Structure
Balboa Island Third and last location of the First Chapter. Location
Barrel Lootable barrel floating in the Ocean. Object
Bicycle Abandoned bicycle found on Balboa Island. Location
Birch Tree Tree found on Evergreen Islands. Object
Caravan Island First location of the Second Chapter. Location
Desert Biome Islands in the Caravan Island biome. Location
Draw Bridge Obstacle on Balboa Island. Location
Evergreen Biome Islands in the Balboa biome. Location
Henry's Stuff Small area on Balboa Island. Location
Islands The main ground area to explore in Raft. Location
Loot Box Lootable container with randomized contents. Object
Mama Bear's Cave Home to Mama Bear on Balboa Island. Location
Mango Tree Fellable fruit tree. Object
Natural Beehive Found on Evergreen Islands, often protected by bears. Object
Ocean The main play area of Raft. Location
Palm Tree Yields Planks, Coconuts, and Palm Leaves when chopped. Object
Pine Tree Yields Planks when chopped. Object
Pineapple Plant Found and looted on Islands. Object
Plane Crash Island One of two rare, small islands. Location
Radio Tower The first destination in the First Chapter. Location
Ranger Station A small hut found on Balboa Island. Location
Relay Stations Activatable quest-locations needed for getting the last Receiver code for the First Chapter. Location
Shipwreck Island One of two rare, small islands. Location
Tangaroa Second and last location introduced in the Second Chapter. Location
Trees General category for all fellable trees. Object
Utopia End-game location Location
Vacated Rafts Abandoned raft floating the Ocean. Structure
Vasagatan Second destination in the First Chapter. Location
Watermelon Plant Found and looted on Islands. Object