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#1 Levels Descending

Elevator Cassette is a Miscellaneous item in Raft.


The Elevator Cassette is a unique item found on Tangaroa. Contrary to the other Cassette Tapes, it is not found Treasure Hunting but instead looted from a secret location. Once unlocking the Plantation elevator, the player can access the secret location by finding a hidden button which leads to level -20. To find the button, the player must walk inside the elevator and look at the top left corner of the door frame. A small, protruding button can be seen, and clicking the button will close the doors and start the elevator. The Elevator Cassette is found in the destination room, which appears to be a form of IT-support basement.

The Elevator Cassette can be inserted into a Radio to play elevator music.

Tape Contents[]

The Elevator Cassette holds only one track comparable to the Trading Post Cassette, "Levels Descending", which sounds like a typical piece of elevator music.

Track # Track Name Track Length
1 Levels Descending 1:55


Early Access
Update 12 Elevator Cassette added to the game.