Electric Purifier

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Electric Purifier
Can be connected with waterpipes.
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Food & Water

Electric Purifier is a Food/Water item in Raft.


Crafting an Electric Purifier requires finding the Blueprint: Electric Purifier found in the Plantation area of Tangaroa.

The player can use the Electric Purifier to purify water without any need for manual interaction, besides replacing the Battery that powers it, once it runs empty. Unlike the Simple Purifier and Advanced Purifier, the Electric Purifier requires a water-level hole for its hose to go through, and once placed and powered it will start pulling salt water and filling its tank with fresh water. Water Pipes can be connected to it, allowing for the creation of a more automated Sprinkler system; these will automatically get refilled, therefore only requiring battery swaps.

The Purifier needs 80 seconds to completely fill the integrated water tank, which can hold 15 cups of Fresh Water, exactly enough to fill three Empty Bottles. One full Battery is enough to fill the integrated water tank 5 times, which equals 75 charges of water.


  • Sucks up and purifies seawater as long as it's powered.
  • Can be connected to a Water Tank.


Early Access
Update 12 Electric Purifier added to the game.