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Raft was in Early Access [1] [2] from May 24th, 2018 to June 20th, 2022 when the final version of the game was released on steam [3].


Games which are in Early Access are still in development and not the final version of the game. This means that they can contain bugs, have features that are removed in the final version of the game, and have parts of the lore or story line redone. Content for Raft has historically been released with around 10-12 months wait time or more.

From the Raft Discord's "Game Suggestions" channel (removed 2020)

Part of being being in Early Access is the ability for the gaming community to help shape the game. An example of this took place when Discord user SverhNova posted the idea of a beehive prototype, which ended up being implemented in the game. The developers still actively seek suggestions using a GoogleDocs form found on the Raft Discord Server, though it is unknown how often the suggestions are reviewed.