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The Official Raft Discord Server is a chat system for talking with other players about Raft. Ideas, Raft related art or Raft related content (streams/videos) can be shared. In addition, regular updates, polls and other community events can be found. The Raft Wiki Team can be found here as well, to seek Wiki related assistance. It is free and you will only need a Discord account and internet access.

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If you want to know more about Discord read the section below.

What is Discord?[]

Discord is a proprietary freeware instant messaging and VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education and businesses. Discord specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. As of 21 July 2019, there are over 250 million users of the software.

How can I access server?[]

Accessing the Raft server is easy. Simply click this link, which will automatically invite you to the Raft server. If you have no account, you may use the service using only a nickname, however all communication will be reset upon exiting (meaning you will lose your all messages; this means you won't be able to edit them, delete or claim them as yours). Creating and signing in on an account allows saving of all shared messages and pictures, and comes with other features.


Most recent update - February 20, 2021. Please keep in mind rules can change without further notice or discussion and we recommend checking them periodically. Following is the official rule-set found in the #info-and-rules channel on the Raft Discord.

  1. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, offensive language, threats, spam or personal attacks, racism, sexual content(we are a PG13 server), disturbing content (inappropriate memes/videos), no derogatory language or anything else that doesn't follow the Discord community guidelines or TOS. (this includes invites, trolling and keeping your Discord Status clean). Please keep all too serious topics like suicide/mental health issues out of public chats and contact us through @Modmail for that so we can direct you to the right people. We don't want trolls to possibly push you deeper. Keep politics out of our server as well. Sending client crashers will result in an instant ban
  2. Please keep your names readable so we can easily view each and everyone's name. Names must only contain standard unicode alphanumeric characters.
  3. We are an international Discord Server and have people from all over the world. We kindly ask you to keep the chats to English except from when using #find-rafters-lfg where we allow other languages.
  4. Please do not directly DM staff unless there is an emergency.
  5. Abuse of the @Staff and @Moderator ping will be punished as well. They are not to be used for trivial things.
  6. Please don't @ the Developers, they are busy working hard on creating further content for you to enjoy!

Staff may enforce rules at their discretion and can give punishments for any reason they deem necessary, even if it for you doesn’t look like a directly stated rule has been violated.


There are some roles, that are on Raft Discord. We will describe just most important ones

  • Region role (EU, CIS, NA...) - These roles unlock server
  • Activity roles (Seagull, Bear...) - These are activity roles
  • Active member - Given for talking in server.
  • Moderators & Admins - They have tools for moderation (and admins for administration) of Raft Discord Server.
  • Developers & Community Manager - They are full time staff of RedBeet Interactive.


Wiki admin[]

Do you need to contact a Wiki-Admin? Come join us in the Raft Discord Wiki Page Updates thread, found in channel #raft-lounge. Feel free to ping us.

Do you wish to discuss things, which can't be discussed on a public channel due to privacy concerns? Try writing us a direct message - see contact information below.