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Dirt.png Dirt
Looks dirty.

Dirt is a Material in Raft.


Dirt is a fairly uncommon item. It is first available on Large Islands and Shipwreck Island by using a Shovel on piles of Dirt. Later in the game, more sources of Dirt become available. The piles are only found on land, in the form of a small pile which glows like other resources. Around three to eight dirt patches can be found on a single Large Island, and mainly inside caves.

When digging for Dirt, there is a chance of getting one additional item.


Food & Water

Additional Items

There's a chance of gaining additional items when digging for Dirt, however it is only a single item. There's a 30% chance of not getting any additional items when digging for Dirt.

Item Drop Chance
Scrap.png Scrap 30%
Nail.png Nail 15%
Stone.png Stone 15%
Bolt.png Bolt 5%
Hinge.png Hinge 5%


Early Access
Update 12 Now has a chance of giving extra loot.
Update 9 Dirt added to the game.
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