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The Desert Biome is an Environmental location in Raft.


The Desert Biome consists of islands located near Caravan Island. They will typically be found just before and after visiting Caravan Island, which itself is also within the Desert Biome. Islands within the biome are sand-covered drylands, with plants that require little water and lots of sun. Acacia Trees can be found and chopped down for four Planks, however they drop no seeds and therefore cannot be brought unto the player's raft. The islands are inhabited by Mudhogs, but also house Bee Swarms and Natural Beehives. The surrounding waters hold a variety of Materials, as well as a few Poison-Puffers making it the only small island at which the player can get Explosive Goo.

When it comes to Metal Detecting, the islands act as Small Islands, which means only one treasure can be found per island - not counting Caravan Island itself.


Early Access
Update 12 Desert Biome added to the game.