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Decorations is the eight section in Crafting Menu

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Item Effect Required Materials
Paint Brush.png Paint Brush Turn your raft into a colorful home! 3x Feather.png, 4x Plank.png, 2x Rope.png
Paint Mill.png Paint Mill Used to turn flowers into color. Uses water energy to work. 6x Plank.png, 6x Scrap.png, 3x Rope.png, 2x Stone.png
Lantern.png Lantern Lights up the dark. 6x Plank.png, 4x Scrap.png
Clock.png Clock Shows the time. 8x Plank.png, 3x Plastic.png, 4x Scrap.png, 1x Bolt.png
Chair.png Chair Nice for sitting. Goes well with a table. 4x Plank.png, 3x Palm Leaf.png
Rug.png Rug Reduces splinters in your feet. 8x Palm Leaf.png, 4x Rope.png
Table.png Table A table to place things on... or under. Goes well with a chair. 6x Plank.png, 4x Plastic.png
Shelf.png Shelf A shelf to place things on. 4x Plank.png, 2x Plastic.png
Sign.png Sign You can write whatever you wish on this. 2x Nail.png, 2x Plank.png
Calendar.png Calendar Keep count on how many days you have survived. 2x Nail.png, 2x Plank.png
Small Trophy Board.png Small Trophy Board You can place your catch on this! 2x Plank.png, 2x Nail.png
Medium Trophy Board.png Medium Trophy Board You can place your catch on this! 4x Plank.png, 3x Nail.png
Large Trophy Board.png Large Trophy Board You can place your catch on this! 6x Plank.png, 3x Nail.png