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The Crafting Menu is a menu that can be found in the top-left corner of the player screen. It can be accessed by using the [TAB] key or when using the Inventory key (default [I]).


Using the Crafting Menu, the player has an overview of all Researched Items and their building requirements. Many items require Resources, which are complex components made from processing Materials. These can be found in their own tab.

Selecting an item shows how many Materials and Resources the player needs to build the specific item, and how many the player already has in their inventory. The player starts with a minor selection of unlocked items, and must expand their Crafting Menu by researching items on a Research Table throughout the course of the game. With the introduction of the Decoration Package in Update 13, a large number of decorative items must also be unlocked by opening Decoration Packages found in Loot Boxes and Barrels.

As the player unlocks more items, scrolling on the menu may become necessary to view all unlocked items.

Crafting Items[]

Crafting menu for the Storage box.

Mouse over the image of the hinge to see the option to craft one.

In order to craft items, the player must have all components in their inventory. If the player does not have a particular component, and the component is a craftable Resource, such as a nail or hinge, the player can mouse over the image of the component to see a "+" (plus) symbol. This will allow the player to craft that resource.

For example, to craft a Storage container the player must have a Hinge. If the player does not have a hinge in their inventory, but does have a Metal Ingot, they can mouse over the image of the hinge to see a plus symbol to craft the hinge directly.


In Creative Mode, there is an additional section:


Early Access
Update 10 Crafting Menu categories rearranged.
Update 1 Crafting Menu added to the game.