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Combines base food into amazing meals.
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A More Complex Concoction!
Food & Water

Cooking Pot is a Food/Water item in Raft. It is one of the crafting stations.


The Cooking Pot is used to cook dishes in Raft. These dishes are made with predetermined Recipes, which in turn gives the player added bonuses when consuming the item. Recipes are found in Loot Boxes on Vacated Rafts, Small Islands, Large Islands and in Barrels. All recipes use four pieces of food, though sometimes a certain ingredient can be duplicate. Take for example the Vegetable Soup, which requires four of the early game vegetables: Raw Beet or Raw Potato. It doesn't matter which ratio of the two is used, and one of the two can even be omitted.

It is not necessary to have the Recipes in-game before making a dish. If the player wishes, they can make any Recipe they have the ingredients for.

Eating dishes always replenishes some Hunger, but may also replenish Thirst as well as give the player a Bonus to the Hunger bar. This Bonus is more effective than regular Sustenance and as such eating dishes is a way of effectively extending the time the player can go without eating.

Meals will take either 210, 150 or 90 seconds to cook, burning a plank every 50 seconds and consuming a total of 4.2 planks, 3 planks or 1.8 planks respectively.

The only exception to this are the leftovers that will finish in 15 seconds.


  • After constructing the Cooking Pot, you may add randomly found recipes to the backboard. Place items on the four pads surrounding the pot, add Planks to fuel the fire, and press E to begin the cooking process. Use a Clay Bowl to collect the dish once it has finished cooking.
  • If ingredient combinations that do not match any Recipe are placed when cooking, Leftovers are produced.


Early Access
Update 7 Cooking Pot added to the game.