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There are both aquatic and land based creatures in the game.

Huntable Creatures
Name Aggresive/Passive Shots with metal arrows to kill Drops
Bear Aggressive 7 4 Leather, 2 Raw Meat, 1 Bear Head
Warthog Aggressive 3(?) 2 Leather, 2 Raw Meat, 1 Warthog Head
Clucker Passive ?? ??
Goat Passive ?? ??
Llama Passive ?? ??
Lurker Aggressive 3 2 Raw Meat
Poison-Puffer Aggressive 3 1 Poison-Puffer Head
Screecher Aggressive 5(?) 12 Feathers, 2 Raw Drumsticks, 1 Screecher Head (?)
Seagull Passive 1 6 Feathers. 2 Raw Drumsticks
Shark Aggressive 7(???) 4 Raw Shark Meat, 1 Shark Head

Domesticable. When livestock are tamed and fed with grass plots they produce resources. Cluckers lay eggs, goats can be milked with a bucket, and llamas can be sheared to get wool.

Although this is a fish, you can't catch it with the fishing rod.

Name Recipe Crafting
Raw Catfish Catfish Deluxe n/a
Raw Herring Simple Fish Stew shark bait
Raw Mackerel Fish Stew n/a
Raw Pomfret Simple Fish Stew shark bait
Raw Salmon Salmon Salad n/a
Raw Tilapia Fish Stew n/a

Large fish that can only be cooked on the Advanced grill.

All fish can be cooked as is, though large fish require the Advanced Grill.

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