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Cassette Tapes are Miscellaneous items in Raft.


The Cassette Tapes, apart from the Elevator Cassette which is found in a different location, are items found while Metal Detecting. If the player owns a Radio, the Cassettes can be inserted and played. The Cassettes have three tracks, except for the Elevator Cassette, which only has one. There are a total of five, each with its own genre of music.

When using a Metal Detector, the player may come across a Safe, which has a 9.3% chance of dropping any tape, excluding the Elevator Cassette which is found on Tangaroa. When finding a tape while Treasure Hunting, the game chooses equally between the Classical, EDM, Pop, and Rock Cassettes.


Track # Track Name Track Length
Classical Cassette.png Classical Cassette
1 Left Alone 1:12
2 Llama Waltz 1:30
3 Unwanted Adventure 1:35
EDM Cassette.png EDM Cassette
1 Dehydrated 1:31
2 It's a Wave 1:26
3 Raving on Sea 2:26
Pop Cassette.png Pop Cassette
1 Funky Surfer 1:20
2 Romantic Sunset 1:33
3 Summer Breeze 1:57
Rock Cassette.png Rock Cassette
1 More Metal! 1:18
2 Seagull Stole my Potato 1:45
3 Smoke on my Raft 1:59
Elevator Cassette.png Elevator Cassette
1 Levels Descending 1:55