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Cassette Tapes are Miscellaneous items in Raft.


The Cassette Tapes, apart from the Elevator Cassette which is found in a different location, are items found while Metal Detecting. If the player owns a Radio, the Cassettes can be inserted and played. The Cassettes have three tracks, except for the Elevator Cassette and the Trading Post Cassette, which only has one. There are a total of five, each with its own genre of music.

When using a Metal Detector, the player may come across a Safe, which has a 9.3% chance of dropping any tape, excluding the Elevator Cassette which is found on Tangaroa. When finding a tape while Treasure Hunting, the game chooses equally between the Classical, EDM, Pop, and Rock Cassettes. Trading Post Cassette can be purchased on the Trading Post (Tier 3) for six Trash Cube's and eight Trade Coin's.


Track # Track Name Track Length
Classical Cassette.png Classical Cassette
1 Left Alone 1:12
2 Llama Waltz 1:30
3 Unwanted Adventure 1:35
EDM Cassette.png EDM Cassette
1 Dehydrated 1:31
2 It's a Wave 1:26
3 Raving on Sea 2:26
Pop Cassette.png Pop Cassette
1 Funky Surfer 1:20
2 Romantic Sunset 1:33
3 Summer Breeze 1:57
Rock Cassette.png Rock Cassette
1 More Metal! 1:18
2 Seagull Stole my Potato 1:45
3 Smoke on my Raft 1:59
Elevator Cassette.png Elevator Cassette
1 Levels Descending 1:55
Trading Post Cassette.png Trading Post Cassette
1 Bargain Bossa N/A