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Tangaroa bridge inside.jpg

The Bridge is an Environment location in Raft and an area of Tangaroa.


After having successfully entered the correct code on the panel within the Main Tower, the Bridge is launched into the ocean close to the city. The player must then locate it visually, swim/sail to it and climb a ladder on the side, leading to an access hatch on the top. The bridge is a circular structure with a pillar in the center and is filled with control panels, indicating this is the place where Tangaroa was steered. A couple of notes can be found here, both Story related and the code note leading to Varuna Point which is in the Third Chapter. Also found here is the Blueprint: Water Tank.

There are also a couple of paintings of the captain of the city and the founder of the Tangaroa project, James Tulley and Max Landshoff, respectively.


  • The bridge is the location from where a ship is controlled. As Tangaroa is technically a ship (despite now effectively being a floating island), using "Bridge" is the correct term.