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Blueprints are designs for new items.


Throughout the game, the player will need to find and learn Blueprints in order to progress in the Story. Blueprints are typically discovered as part of exploring Story islands, and are strategically placed before the players need them. Their descriptions describe how the player must research the Blueprints at a Research Table, however as of Update 10 the Blueprints are automatically added to the Research Table making the actual Blueprints act as a collectible instead. There are typically a few new Blueprints per Story island, which means the player has to fully explore all the Story islands to find them all.

Following is a list of Blueprints currently in the game:



Full Release
Version 1.0 16 additional blueprints added to the game for a total of 35 blueprints in-game.
Early Access
Update 12 Nine additional blueprints added to the game for a total of 19 blueprints in-game.
Update 10 Blueprints are now automatically learned on pickup.
Seven additional blueprints added to the game.
Update 1 Blueprints added to the game.