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If you care for the bees they will yield you honeycombs.
Bee Keeper!

The Beehive is an Other item in Raft.


Beehives can be made once the player has made a Sweep Net and used it to catch Bee Swarms found on Evergreen Biome islands. Once built, the Beehive may provide the player with a steady source of Honey. The Beehive needs to be placed near a Crop Plot filled with Flowers. It takes 8 minutes to gather Honeycomb in the Beehive.

The outside walls of the Beehive will show drops of honey when the Honeycomb can be collected.

The amount of Honeycombs harvested depends on the amount of flowers surrounding the Beehive. It needs at least three Flowers to start producing Honeycomb. The color of the Flowers have no effect on the amount of Honeycombs acquired. Similarly, it doesn't matter whether the flowers are fully grown or not, as they will all count towards the amount of flowers surrounding the hive.

# of Flowers Honeycombs
3-5 1
6-11 2
≥12 3

For each of the above mentioned number of Flowers and corresponding number of collectable Honeycombs, the Beehive will have a slightly different appearance. The more Flowers are near to the Beehive, the more bees will fly around it. Also the number of collectable Honeycombs is visible from the outside. The more honey is leaking out of the Beehive, the more Honeycombs can be collected.

With four Small Crop Plots planted with three Flowers each, ten Beehives can be built around, which will provide three Honeycombs each.

If a more compact design is wanted, Old Shoes can be used to grow flowers nearby and take up less space. They can also be used to add the remaining flowers if some flowers are out of the Beehive range. Additionally, Flowers can be planted in Small Crop Plots hanging on walls, which allows for the Flowers to hang above or under the Beehive.



Early Access
Update 11 Beehive added to the game.