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Bee Swarm
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Please let me bee your friend!
Sting (5)
Beginner Bee-nevolent!
Intermediate Bee-nevolent!
Expert Bee-nevolent!

The Bee Swarm is an enemy in Raft. It is one of multiple threats to the player.


While the Bee Swarm is categorized as a Threat, it can also be seen as an environmental object, as they are the prime source of getting Bee Jars necessary to build Beehives, and they cannot be killed. The swarms can be found on Balboa Island, Evergreen Islands, Caravan Town, and Desert Islands. They are typically found near Natural Beehives, where they loiter about in the air. They can be caught with the Sweep Net. They will buzz around in the air, flying a certain route indefinitely until caught. Sometimes this route may be out of range for the player, who must either wait for them to get close enough to the ground to reach with the net, or jump from nearby objects into the air. While being near the Bee Swarm, the player may be stung by the bees dealing a small amount of damage. Their range is 5 meters, and they will attempt to sting every ten seconds.

Every time a player catches a swarm, four Bee Jars are added to the inventory, with a 60% chance of getting a fifth jar. The swarm does not respawn.

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Early Access
Update 11 Bee Swarm added to the game.