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The Basement Area is an Environment location in Raft and an area of Tangaroa.


The Basement Area is entered via a large metal hatch at the bottom of the Tangaroa ship; there are arrows painted along Tangaroa's foundation leading to this hatch. A large underground section must be explored to reach the upper, dome-encapsulated levels. Quite a few Lurkers can be found in the Basement Area, however these are tougher than those encountered on Vasagatan.

Once entered, the player will find signs that lead to different areas of the basement, although many doors will be locked from the other side. Once opened, the doors provide a quicker way from the upper levels of Tangaroa down to the dock in the metal hatch. Within the Basement Area a cafeteria can be found, which is a large room with a few tables and cooking equipment. Some loot can be found here as well as a note, and a Generator Part which is needed to repair the generator in the Storage Area.

Following the corridors leads the player to the Storage Area, which contains the city generator.