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The Barrel is an Environmental object in Raft.


The Barrel is one of the items that can be found floating the world of Raft. The Barrel can be looted and holds several resources. Each barrel contains between 4-6 items[1]. When the player picks up the Barrel, the game will decide how many items is picked up (4-6) and will then roll according to the table seen below.

There are two exceptions to the loot table in the form of Blueprint: Receiver and Blueprint: Antenna, which may also drop from the Barrel. These are dropped from the first Barrels looted after exceeding 15 minute playtime[1], having a 50/50 chance on which drops first[2]. The second exception comes into play after 30 minutes of gameplay, where the Barrels also have a 40% chance of dropping a Decoration Package.

Loot Table
Item Drop Chance
Plank 37.73%
Plastic 14.15%
Palm Leaf 18.87%
Scrap 9.43%
Rope 7.08%
Stone 6.13%
Raw Beet 3.30%
Raw Potato 3.30%
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