Advanced Grill

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Advanced Grill
Can cook several pieces of food at once. Uses planks as fuel.
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Food & Water

Advanced Grill is a Food/Water item in Raft.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Advanced Grill can be researched using the Research Table. After being placed on the Raft, players can cook both small and big food items.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Can be used to cook three pieces of small food at a time, or one large piece of food.
  • It is fueled by Planks and can hold a maximum of four. Each Plank will last for 50 seconds before it is completed burned up.
  • Is large enough to cook both small food items and bigger food items.
  • Raw Salmon and Catfish are cooked after 90 seconds.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Access
Update 1 Advanced Grill added to the game.

Gallery[edit | edit source]