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Disambig.png This article is about Achievements in general, and only contains the achievement descriptions listed on Steam. For specific details, see Achievement Guides.

In Raft, Steam Achievements are unlockable features only available on Steam. As the name suggests, they are unlocked by doing certain types of activities varying from killing a specific number of enemies, progressing in the game, discovering secrets, and more.


There is a total of 90 Achievements available in Raft.

List of Achievements

  • The following list is based on Raft Update 13.
Icon Name Description
It's better without the salt.jpg
It's better without the salt.
Craft and place a simple purifier.
Craft and place a simple grill.
Aye Aye Captain!.jpg
Aye Aye Captain!
Place a sail and a stationary anchor on the same raft.
A More Complex Concoction!.jpg
A More Complex Concoction!
Cook a meal by following a recipe.
Research everything in the research table.
Large landmass ahoy!.jpg
Large landmass ahoy!
Discover a large island.
Have 20 storages on the same raft.
Have 20 cropplots on the same raft.
Team up with a friend in multiplayer.
Beginner survivor!.jpg
Beginner survivor!
Survive 1 day.
Intermediate survivor!.jpg
Intermediate survivor!
Survive 7 days.
Expert survivor!.jpg
Expert survivor!
Survive 30 days.
Master survivor!.jpg
Master survivor!
Survive 365 days.
Beginner Builder!.jpg
Beginner Builder!
Build 10 foundations.
Intermediate Builder!.jpg
Intermediate Builder!
Build 100 foundations.
Expert Builder!.jpg
Expert Builder!
Build 1000 foundations.
Beginner Gatherer!.jpg
Beginner Gatherer!
Hook 100 items.
Intermediate Gatherer!.jpg
Intermediate Gatherer!
Hook 500 items.
Expert Gatherer!.jpg
Expert Gatherer!
Hook 5000 items.
Beginner Painter!.jpg
Beginner Painter!
Paint 50 blocks.
Intermediate Painter!.jpg
Intermediate Painter!
Paint 200 blocks.
Expert Painter!.jpg
Expert Painter!
Paint 1000 blocks.
Beginner Wrangler!.jpg
Beginner Wrangler!
Capture an animal.
Intermediate Wrangler!.jpg
Intermediate Wrangler!
Capture 10 animals.
Expert Wrangler!.jpg
Expert Wrangler!
Capture 50 animals.
Some Look Different!.jpg
Some Look Different!
Capture a rare animal.
Beginner Shark Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Shark Hunter!
Kill a shark.
Intermediate Shark Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Shark Hunter!
Kill 10 sharks.
Expert Shark Hunter!.jpg
Expert Shark Hunter!
Kill 50 sharks.
Beginner Bird Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Bird Hunter!
Kill a bird.
Intermediate Bird Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Bird Hunter!
Kill 10 birds.
Expert Bird Hunter!.jpg
Expert Bird Hunter!
Kill 50 birds.
Beginner Poison-Puffer Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Poison-Puffer Hunter!
Kill a Poison-puffer.
Intermediate Poison-Puffer Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Poison-Puffer Hunter!
Kill 10 Poison-puffers.
Expert Poison-Puffer Hunter!.jpg
Expert Poison-Puffer Hunter!
Kill 50 Poison-puffers.
Beginner Screecher Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Screecher Hunter!
Kill a Screecher.
Intermediate Screecher Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Screecher Hunter!
Kill 10 Screechers.
Expert Screecher Hunter!.jpg
Expert Screecher Hunter!
Kill 50 Screechers.
Beginner Warthog Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Warthog Hunter!
Kill a Warthog.
Intermediate Warthog Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Warthog Hunter!
Kill 10 Warthogs.
Expert Warthog Hunter!.jpg
Expert Warthog Hunter!
Kill 50 Warthogs.
Beginner Lurker Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Lurker Hunter!
Kill 1 Lurker.
Intermediate Lurker Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Lurker Hunter!
Kill 10 Lurkers.
Expert Lurker Hunter!.jpg
Expert Lurker Hunter!
Kill 50 Lurkers.
Beginner Bear Hunter!.jpg
Beginner Bear Hunter!
Kill 1 Bear.
Intermediate Bear Hunter!.jpg
Intermediate Bear Hunter!
Kill 10 Bears.
Expert Bear Hunter!.jpg
Expert Bear Hunter!
Kill 50 Bears.
Mother Lode!.jpg
Mother Lode!
Slay the Mama Bear.
Bootleg Fireworks!.jpg
Bootleg Fireworks!
Breach the cockpit of Vasagatan!
Vasagatan Historian!.jpg
Vasagatan Historian!
Find all notes on Vasagatan!
Radio Tower Historian!.jpg
Radio Tower Historian!
Find all notes on the Radio Tower!
Balboa Historian!.jpg
Balboa Historian!
Find all the notes on Balboa!
Hidden achievement: Can Bears use bicycle bells?
Tiny Little Murderer.jpg
Tiny Little Murderer
It's all so obvious now...
A Revelation!.jpg
A Revelation!
Why is there a photo behind the toolboard??
Fix Errol!.jpg
Fix Errol!
There you go Errol.
Is there a Utopia.jpg
Is there a Utopia?
Hidden achievement: Find the white board in the radio station.
This goes here!.jpg
This goes here!
Hidden achievement: Break or pick up 100 blocks.
Exploring the depths!.jpg
Exploring the depths!
Hidden achievement: Reach a depth of 100 meters below the surface.
Not a great landing!.jpg
Not a great landing!
Hidden achievement: Discover a crashed plane.
An Ocean Cemetary!.jpg
An Ocean Cemetery!
Hidden achievement: Die 25 times.
O Captain! My Captain!-.jpg
O Captain! My Captain!?
Hidden achievement: Reach Captains Island.
Artistic Collection!.png
Artistic Collection!
Hidden achievement: Find & place all developer-paintings.
Caravan Town Historian!.png
Caravan Town Historian!
Find all notes on Caravan Town!
Tangaroa Historian!.png
Tangaroa Historian!
Find all notes in Tangaroa!
Beginner Ziponaut!.png
Beginner Ziponaut!
Travel 100 meters with the zipline tool.
Intermediate Ziponaut!.png
Intermediate Ziponaut!
Travel 500 meters with the zipline tool.
Expert Ziponaut!.png
Expert Ziponaut!
Travel 1500 meters with the zipline tool.
Beginner Excavator!.png
Beginner Excavator!
Dig up 1 treasure chest.
Intermediate Excavator!.png
Intermediate Excavator!
Dig up 20 treasures.
Expert Excavator!.png
Expert Excavator!
Dig up 50 treasures.
Former Glory!.png
Former Glory!
Hidden achievement: Four pieces of wood restored.
Plumber Power!.png
Plumber Power!
Have 30 pipes placed at once.
Bee Keeper!.png
Bee Keeper!
Have 10 beehives placed at once.
Beginner Bee-nevolent!.png
Beginner Bee-nevolent!
Capture 1 bee.
Intermediate Bee-nevolent!.png
Intermediate Bee-nevolent!
Capture 10 bees.
Expert Bee-nevolent!.png
Expert Bee-nevolent!
Capture 25 bees.
Boxed In!.png
Boxed In!
Hidden achievement: Find the secret behind the boxes.
Hidden achievement: Play a note on the piano.
Small Spender!.png
Small Spender!
Spend 10 tokens.
Medium Spender!.png
Medium Spender!
Spend 20 tokens.
Big Spender!.png
Big Spender!
Spend 30 tokens.
Beginner Disruptor!.png
Beginner Disruptor!
Disrupt 1 Butler-Bot.
Intermediate Disruptor!.png
Intermediate Disruptor!
Disrupt 10 Butler-Bots.
Expert Disruptor!.png
Expert Disruptor!
Disrupt 20 Butler-Bots.
Launch Initiated!.png
Launch Initiated!
A backup emergency system?
Real Fireworks!.png
Real Fireworks!
Witness 50 firework explosions.
You Should Not Be Here!.png
You Should Not Be Here!
Hidden achievement: Twenty floors down.
Zip Zap!.png
Zip Zap!
Travel 50 meters on a zipline without disjointing.
The Renovator.png
The Renovator!
Hidden achievement: Learn all crafting recipes from packages.
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