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This page contains ideas for achieving the Raft Achievements as easily as possible. It is divided into sections based on the achievements theme for better overview. All achievements can be completed on Peaceful, Easy, Normal or Hard Mode. Bear in mind that all achievements are unobtainable in Creative Mode. Note that this page does not cover the criteria for the Achievements - these can be found on the Achievements page.


Relevant Achievements
It's better without the salt.
Aye Aye Captain!
Beginner Builder!
Intermediate Builder!
Expert Builder!
Plumber Power!
Bee Keeper!
Real Fireworks!

The building achievements are straight forward. The Farmer! achievement can be done with any size crop plot. The amount of foundations cannot be achieved in Creative Mode, but a viable strategy is to build foundation and then remove them again immediately to regain 50% of the materials used.

The Real Fireworks achievement requires that the player both build and launch the fireworks.


The discovery achievements mainly relate to unveiling or finding certain aspects of the game, whether it is a specific location or notes relating to an area.

Relevant Achievements
Large landmass ahoy!
Bootleg Fireworks!
Radio Tower Historian!
Vasagatan Historian!
Balboa Historian!
Caravan Town Historian!
Tangaroa Historian!
Tiny Little Murderer
A Revelation!
Fix Errol!
Beginner Excavator!
Intermediate Excavator!
Expert Excavator!
Launch Initiated!

A few of the discovery achievements are easily earned by progressing the story. This goes for Large landmass ahoy! and Bootleg Fireworks!. The Historian achievements consists of finding all notes for the Radio Tower, Vasagatan, Balboa Island, Caravan Island, and Tangaroa, respectively. There are a total of five notes (locations in this video) for the Radio Tower, 13 notes (locations in this video) in Vasagatan, 13 notes (locations in this video) on Balboa Island, 10 notes (locations in this video) on Caravan Island, and 10 notes (locations in this video) on Tangaroa. "Pling!", "Tiny Little Murderer", "A Revelation!", and "Fix Errol!" are all earned on Balboa Island and consists of finding specific areas and discovering all their secrets. The above video describing the location of the Balboa notes also describes this.

The Excavator achievements can be earned by digging up a total of 50 treasures. The easiest way to do this is by travelling between Islands giving away radio signals, which are either the Large Tropical Islands or islands in the Evergreen Biome as these have 1-3 treasures per island. Visiting small islands in between can speed up the proces.


Relevant Achievements
Beginner survivor!
Intermediate survivor!
Expert survivor!
Master survivor!

All the survivor achievements can only be earned the hard way: playing the game for a long time and sleeping whenever night comes around. However, if the player wishes, they can simply leave Raft open on the computer and leave to do other things. This requires a Game Mode where the player may respawn. Sleeping every day at exactly 8:00pm in-game time every day will save you up to about 40 hours of gameplay, meaning you would have to play in a respawnable mode for about 82 hours, compared to about 122 hours if you never sleep.

Hooking Items[]

Relevant Achievements
Beginner Gatherer!
Intermediate Gatherer!
Expert Gatherer!

There are three achievements related to hooking items. There's a shortcut to doing this, by abusing the full inventory mechanic. Following this guide, earning the 5.000 items hooked achievement should take under ten minutes. The player must fill their inventory with several stacks of the item they wish to hook up from the sea. Find two stacks of another random item and add that to the inventory as well. Spread out the two stacks so there's no more room left. See picture below (note: more stacks of Planks can be added instead of Plastic to speed up the process).

Stand at the edge of the anchored raft, and right-click, drag and drop the high quantity item into the ocean. Do this with two stacks, and then spread out another item in the slots that was just emptied. When attempting to hook and loot the items in the ocean at this point, they will be looted, but then ejected into the ocean again because the player's inventory is full. Throw out another two stacks with the same method as before, hook in all the items, throw out more items, hook them, etc. Do this until 100+ items are floating in the ocean. The player may now continuously hook the items until the achievement is received.



Painting Blocks[]

Relevant Achievements
Beginner Painter!
Intermediate Painter!
Expert Painter!

Painting blocks is one of the achievements that can't be completed in Creative Mode. Simply build a number of blocks and paint them a color of choice in easy, normal or hard mode. When done, choose a different color and paint them again. Continue this until 1,000 blocks have been painted.

Animal Capture[]

Relevant Achievements
Beginner Wrangler!
Intermediate Wrangler!
Expert Wrangler!
Some Look Different!
Beginner Bee-nevolent!
Intermediate Bee-nevolent!
Expert Bee-nevolent!

Catching Livestock can be time-consuming because the player has to collect enough Explosive Powder to make the Net Canisters needed, and a total of 50 is required to get all the Animal Capture achievements. However, given a large quantity of Net Canisters, an exploit can be used to accelerate progress: simply catch a Livestock animal on a Large Island, bring it to the raft, and repeatedly catch the same creature.

Some Look Different! is unlocked by catching a rare animal. 12% of animals are of a rare type (8% Type 1, 4% Type 2). This achievement doesn't have any shortcuts. However, if no exploits are used, there is a 72% chance of unlocking it by Intermediate Wrangler!, and a 99.8% chance by Expert Wrangler!

Bee Swarms can be found in the Evergreen Biome, but it is best to catch them on the generic islands as the swarms on Balboa Island are sparse.


Relevant Achievements
Beginner Shark Hunter!
Intermediate Shark Hunter!
Expert Shark Hunter!
Beginner Bird Hunter!
Intermediate Bird Hunter!
Expert Bird Hunter!
Beginner Poison-Puffer Hunter!
Intermediate Poison-Puffer Hunter!
Expert Poison-Puffer Hunter!
Beginner Screecher Hunter!
Intermediate Screecher Hunter!
Expert Screecher Hunter!
Beginner Warthog Hunter!
Intermediate Warthog Hunter!
Expert Warthog Hunter!
Beginner Lurker Hunter!
Intermediate Lurker Hunter!
Expert Lurker Hunter!
Beginner Bear Hunter!
Intermediate Bear Hunter!
Expert Bear Hunter!
Mother Lode!
Beginner Disruptor!
Intermediate Disruptor!
Expert Disruptor!

The general strategy for killing many enemies with long respawn timers is to save just before killing them, then reloading the game afterwards and killing the enemy again. Every kill will count towards the achievement, however the legitimacy of acquiring the achievements through this method can be questioned. For methods true to the game, see below for each individual enemy.


On normal Game Mode, only a single Shark can be found swimming around the raft. Thus, simply killing it whenever it is available is the fastest way to get the achievement. Multiple Sharks may spawn on hard mode, but because of reduced damage dealt to enemies and the difficulty of killing multiple Sharks at the same time, it doesn't seem viable as a strategy for killing Sharks effectively. Using Metal Arrows and a Basic Bow is the fastest way of killing the Shark, and is safe as the Shark's attack is reset when hit by an arrow.

Seagull (Bird)

Seagulls are fairly easy to kill, but takes some time to come across. The easiest way to make sure to get them killed when they spawn, is to plant a single crop and place a Scarecrow nearby. The Seagull will attack the Scarecrow and give an audial cue to the player, who can then run up to the Seagull and stab it with a Metal Spear or shoot it with a Basic Bow.

While Birds Nest is also an option, there is no indicator that the Seagull is there, which means the player will have to check the nests occasionally.


Killing numerous Poison-Puffers can be easily achieved by traveling to Caravan Island, where multiple Poison-Puffers can be found in the water around the air-pockets and air-tube going from the bicycle-pump to the bottom container. These Poison-Puffers respawn if left alone, thereby making them an easy source for completing the achievement.


The Screecher is a single, non-respawning enemy found on Large Islands. This makes it quite a time consuming activity earning the 50-kill achievement. The easiest way to earn the achievement is to save before killing a Screecher, thereby allowing the killing of a single Screecher multiple times by reloading the first save and not saving after the kill. Make sure to save close to the Screecher's location, but preferably on the raft. The main strategy of killing it consists of bringing a Basic Bow and arrows, and simply shooting it to death. If the player stands on an elevated point, it is possible to shoot the Screecher twice per rock-attack: once in the distance, and one directly above the player.


Like the Screecher, Warthogs don't respawn but can be killed multiple times by saving before killing them and not saving after. Killing the Warthog is easily done with a Metal Spear and cliff-jumping. Simply lure the Warthog over to a wall, wait for it to start charging and jump up the wall before it does. The Warthog is prevented from charging up the wall, but the player is close enough to stab the Warthog over and over again in between charges. Just make sure to not slide down into the Warthog as it charges.


The Lurker achievement can be earned while visiting Vasagatan. The Lurkers are the rats that crawl around the whole boat. Luckily, the Lurkers have low health and respawn, so the achievements can easily be earned by running around the boat in a circle. The area with the balcony overseeing a bar and dance floor, and the nearby room with a projector has three Lurkers in near vicinity of each other.

Lurkers have six health points, so it requires three stabs with the Metal Spear to kill them. That means a total of 150 stabs is required to kill all the Lurkers. This takes a total of four Metal Spears.


As with Lurkers, Bears respawn. Going to Balboa and hiking between Henry's Stuff and the nearby area with Natural Beehives is a great way of getting the 50 kills fast. The Bears have a 3 minute respawn-timer, so simply kill any Bear, kill another other and wait 2 minutes before returning to the first.

Bears can be killed with either the Metal Spear, Machete or Basic Bow. Since the Bear only has 20 health points, it's possible to quickly shoot it the required seven times with Metal Arrows and loot the arrows before they despawn. Alternatively, dancing around the Bear with a melee weapon is also very effective, as the Bear's attacks are very easy to spot.

Method using a Machete and predefined route with three Bears that can be done in slightly over 3 minutes.

Mama Bear (Mother Load)

While being a tough opponent, Mama Bear is best killed with ranged attacks. Attack her from the ledge near the berry feeder and she will reset fairly quickly after being attacked. See Mama Bear's wiki page for more information.

Butler Bots

Butler Bots are found on Tangaroa, and do not die. As such, the hardest part about the Disruptor achievements is managing health points while fighting Butler Bots. The easiest way to kill them is to fight them with a spear or Machete, and use the sprint key to dodge attacks sideways. This is described in detail on the Butler Bot page.


Relevant Achievements
Beginner Ziponaut!
Intermediate Ziponaut!
Expert Ziponaut!
Zip Zap!

The three Ziponaut achievements require of the player to traverse 100, 500 and 1500 meters on a Zipline. This can either be done on Caravan Island or using the buildable Ziplines placed on a player raft. The latter is the easiest, as ladders and long-distance Ziplines can be used to increase efficiency.

"Zip Zap!" requires of the player to travel 50 meters on a single Zipline. This is easiest done by building a long bridge out from the raft and placing a Zipline on the second-to-last Foundation. Placing it on the last may result in the Shark attacking and destroying the Foundation and the Zipline before the achievement can be complete. One foundation is slightly under 1 meter, so placing a 51 Foundations long bridge should be sufficient in getting the achievement. Remember to elevate the starting point of the Zipline.


Relevant Achievements
A More Complex Concoction!
Small Spender!
Medium Spender!
Big Spender!

Two of the three miscellaneous achievements are easily achieved.

Visiting the Raft Discord is a good place to find someone to invite for the multiplayer achievement, Teamplay!.

Cooking a Recipe in Raft, which is required for A More Complex Concoction!, doesn't actually require the player to have found the Recipe in-game. Cooking the Vegetable Soup is the easiest, as it only requires a total of four vegetables, either Beets or Potatoes.

The Bookworm! achievement of researching everything is best earned while exploring, but doesn't have any shortcuts. Opening the Research Table shows a list of items that can be researched and what items are still missing.

The Spender achievements require of the player to find Tangaroa Tokens on Tangaroa and use them in the vending machines found near the main tower. To get the Big Spender achievement, 30 tokens must be spent, which means it is possible to get this achievement after one visit to Tangaroa as there are a total of 33 tokens.

Hidden Achievements[]

Relevant Achievements
Is there a Utopia?
This goes here!
Exploring the depths!
Not a great landing!
An Ocean Cemetery!
O Captain! My Captain!?
Artistic Collection!
Former Glory!
You Should Not Be Here!
Boxed In!
The Renovator!

Is there a Utopia? is achieved by finding the note at the top of the Radio Tower. Getting to the tower simply requires installing and using a Receiver and three Antennas.

This goes here! is earned by breaking or picking up a block 100 times. Breaking items with any Axe works towards this achievement. Picking any item up with the X-key also counts.

Exploring the depths! requires the player to dive 100m below the surface. This can be achieved without dying by using both Flippers and an Oxygen Bottle.

Not a great landing! and O Captain! My Captain!? are achieved by finding the matching rare, small islands. Whenever a small island is spawned into the game, there's a 2% chance for them to be either of these islands. The achievements are earned when visiting either of the two islands' main attraction; a plane and a boat, respectively. To get the best odds of finding these islands, it is recommended to start a new game on Easy Mode. Doing so means that Story islands will not spawn and neither will large islands, as these only start spawning after visiting the Radio Tower. In other words, the only islands that may spawn are small islands, which means the player will get more chances of the rare islands spawning. Until the achievements have been found, avoid building a Receiver, as finding the Radio Tower will enable spawning of larger islands.

An Ocean Cemetery! (formerly "Cemetary" [sic]) simply requires the player to die 25 times. To avoid dealing with inventory, a new save file can be used.

Artistic Collection! requires the player find all eight Developer Paintings and hang them on a wall. The paintings can all be found by Treasure Hunting, and have a low chance of dropping. As of Update 13, an exploit can be used to lessen the number of treasures needed: as the contents of suitcases and safes are determined when the player collects them – as opposed to when the island is generated – keep track of which paintings are missing from the collection, save right before picking up a suitcase or safe, and reload if the treasure does not contain a missing painting.

Former Glory! requires the player to complete a set of four Tiki Pieces from Treasure Hunting. The Tiki Pieces must be placed on top of each other in the correct order to create a Tiki Pole. Once done, a Tiki Mask will spawn on the back and unlock the achievement. Based on probabilities, an average of 111 treasures must be collected to complete a set (98 treasures after the first piece is found, 80 after two, and 53 after three). Unlike developer paintings, the specific buried Tiki Pieces are generated before the treasure is revealed, so a save exploit cannot be used immediately before pickup.

Instrumentalist! is unlocked by playing on the Piano. It is purchased from the Tangaroa vending machines using 8x Tangaroa Tokens.

You Should Not Be Here! involves the player reaching the -20th floor on Tangaroa. To do so, a hidden button inside the Plantation area elevator must be pressed. Once inside the elevator, look for a small, round button in the top-left of the elevator door-frame.

Boxed In! is unlocked in the Cargo Bay Area by visiting a hidden room directly under where the crane is operated. This can be done by either making a route through the boxes, or revisiting the room when it is flooded by water and then moving the crate directly in front of the door.

The Renovator! requires the player to unlock all crafting recipes from the Decoration Packages. Doing this is probably easiest by focusing on hooking in Barrels, which have a chance of dropping a single package. There are a total of 66 crafting recipes to unlock.