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The Acacia Tree is an Environment object in Raft.


An Acacia Tree on Caravan Island.

Acacia Trees are found in the Desert Biome. When chopped down with an Axe, it will always yield four Planks, with a chance of dropping additional Planks each chop. Each chop has a 20% chance of dropping an additional Plank, meaning the maximum potential for each tree is seven Planks. The extra Plank dropping can be determined easily from the instances of dropped Planks, as it will always be awarded split from the original chop yield. In other words, if the original yield is two Planks, the game will show two Planks plus one Plank drop from a single swing. The Acacia Tree is felled in three Axe swings, and does not drop any seeds, which means it cannot be planted on the player raft.

Chop Yields[]

Chop 1: Plank.png x1
Chop 2: Plank.png x2
Chop 3: Plank.png x1